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You need to upload a standard BE fixtures spreadsheet in Excel format. A pdf file won't work. This file will be available to you only and will remain confidential. Other users will not be able to access it. The cookies make sure of that.

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To review the events around a new event, give the date of your proposed new event. You also need to give its postcode or placename (e.g. Stoneleigh) or, if it is on a previously-used site, select that venue from the list. You can select XC course levels to restrict your selection to events using that course level.

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It looks like you haven't used this page before. This page is intended for BE staff to do some calendar planning. If you are not BE staff doing calendar planning, then please do something else. You won't get far on this page.

First, the legalities. This webpage will store some of your information on your computer (cookies). If you are not happy about this, please do not use this webpage. The information that is stored on your computer allows you to return to a calendar that you uploaded earlier today, saving you the effort of uploading it again.

Please enter your name below and press Enter. This lets the website know who you are. When you return to the webpage later the same day, it will let you re-use an uploaded calendar. If it calls you by the wrong name, then you know that the gremlins have got in and muddled up your information - please let Miranda know if this happens. If it shows your name, you can be confident that it is your calendar.